November 7, 2018

Ever since I was a baby I received the nickname 'Diddy'.  My brother, Cam, use to ramble on about this person Diddy constantly.  Unbeknown to my parents that it was I that he spoke of! One day whilst I cried out in my cot my darling brother, 18 months older, called out "Diddy cry, Diddy cry!".  The penny then dropped! Louise was Diddy! perhaps it was a little easier to say than my given name?  none the less my family and close friends have always known me to be 'Diddy', unless I was in trouble I was 'Louise!'.   So thus is how 'diddy-stich' was born, a new child label to Stichbury which will be the experimental and creative label which will have many themes and stories appear as I explore new techniques and small limited collections.  


I lived and breathed for art growing up, in the art room I spent my lunch hours.  But somewhere along the way I realised I needed to be doing 3 dimensional art, creating more hands on.  Fashion then collided with my art to create wearable art and Stichbury was born! 


A decade later I am still doing what I love.  it is not luck, I took a leap of faith as my motto was 'you don't know unless you try', so I did and im so grateful I followed my heart!  I can not imagine doing anything but what I do.  It was thru weekends of back to back markets building it up and as a result over 10 years of having no life and sacrificing my weekends to spend with friends.  I did not have time to nurture those close friendships, I worked hard at what I love, it wasn't 'luck'.  Work life balance is the goal and reconnecting with people I hold so dearly.  The life of an artist is humble but I wouldn't have it any other way.  


As you follow the path of life, you try to avoid the rat race, and stay true to what is your calling, many obstacles and changes of the times you need to learn to adapt to be able to continue doing what you love.   But from this we can grow and learn which I love.


So my latest challenge has become technology!  It is about being able to be open like I am now, and share to the world more about who you are and showing the world what I love to do and create and hope that the world receives it well.  In the light that you intend it.  So this is me.  Time to share more about what makes this artist tick and put out into a new realm to me what I love to do.  Wearable art.


Thanks for reading, supporting and stay tuned for more adventures of diddy-stich! X







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